The producer organization "La Preferita Op Pugliese" offers a wide range of fruit and vegetables coming from all lands north of Bari marked by climatic characteristics greatly suitable for the production of fruit and vegetables.
The productions are followed by a technical staff starting with the selection of varieties, transplant until harvest in order to obtain the best organoleptic properties, while respecting and protecting the environment.
"La Preferita Op Pugliese" is specialized in the production and distribution of:
Fruits: Grapes, cherries, apricots, peaches / Percoche / Nectarines, netted melon, watermelons and baby figs;
Vegetables: Fennel, Parsley, Turnip greens, Chard, celery, chicory Catalonia, broccoli, cabbage, green / white / red, romaine lettuce, canasta, lollo green / blonde / red oak leaf, spinach, tomatoes, peas and asparagus.
For each of them offers a wide range variety so as to accommodate the different needs of the market.
In particular, it offers its line of "I Preferiti", processed and packaged products with superior quality and are characterized by working even more careful, to satisfy the expectations of the most demanding customers.