Quality is the philosophy of production of the producer organization "La Preferita Op Pugliese" which overriding principle of all its activities. Product quality is assured through stringent health checks and continuous monitoring of the organoleptic properties.
Achieving certification GLOBAL GAP-opz.2 is further assurance of quality objectives by all member companies. The producer organization "La Preferita Op Pugliese" has always been attentive to the protection and enhancement of its quality production, is among the first companies of Puglia to have adopted the Production Regulations of the Protected Geographical Indication of Apulia Grape crafting their products with the Community trade mark "IGP Uva di Puglia" as proper recognition of quality production of grapes from Puglia.
All our products are traced so you can go back to the producer and to the area of origin: a specific agreement between farms, nurseries and others in the chain that allows you to follow all stages of production from planting, cultivation, packaging, until the sale to the customer.